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This section of our web site is dedicated to curious kids like Sasha.

In the months ahead we are going to be planning outings to some of Sasha's favourite parts of Singapore. If you want to be kept informed about these outings and other happenings, such as book launches, fill out the form below to join our mailing list.

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Animal of the Month - Polar Bears

Size: Adult males can be as big as 3 metres tall, and weigh up to 770 kgs.

Where they live: In the countries that circle the North Pole - Canada, US, Russia, Norway and Greenland.

Interesting facts: Polar bears have powerful noses that can smell food miles away.

Polar bears have two layers of fur that keep them warm even in when the Arctic temperatures get as cold as -45°C.


Bird of the Month - Mynahs

Size: 9 - 10 inches in length

Where they live: India, Thailand, Malaysia, and, of course, Singapore, as well as many other tropical places in the world.

Interesting facts: Mynah birds lay eggs that are pale blue and glossy.

Mynah birds spend a lot of time around people and can learn to imitate the sounds they hear, even saying words. So don't be surprised if you hear a mynah say "Hello".


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