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New Titles

Sunbear Publishing is a niche publisher determined to produce books that matter about things we value. We publish books with environmental and cultural themes.

The Seeds of Time

Honesty Smith and Spencer Jones - two ordinary children on a quest to save the planet. But is it too late for the orang utans of Borneo and the polar bears of Alaska?

"The Seeds of Time is an enjoyable, gripping and perfectly-timed story of young people and animals teaming up to save the world!" - Nury Vittachi.

"The Seeds of Time, delightfully and with a spirit of bold adventure, inspires us to believe that, whether young or old, we can save our beautiful planet Earth." - Dr. Isabelle Louis, Director, Asia Pacific Region, World Wide Fund for Nature.

The author, Shamini Flint, is donating all her royalties from the sale of thie book to the WWF! In addition, for books ordered online (See 'Our Books and Shop'), a further US$2.00 will be donated to the WWF.

The ‘Sasha’ Books

Our highly popular Sasha travel series, that began as a mother’s crusade to provide books with a local context for her child growing up in Singapore, has now turned into a fully fledged travel series! The most recent titles are Sasha visits Beijing and Sasha visits London.

Sasha visits Beijing Sasha visits London

Look out for Sasha visits Mumbai and Sasha visits Tokyo!

The Sasha books allow young children to be armchair travelers. The books expand horizons, enhance familiarity with cultures and peoples and are just plain fun as well! And for those children fortunate enough to travel widely, the books are ‘a perfect memento’ (Expat Living Magazine). See ‘Our Press’ for other book reviews!

The Environmental Series

This series features endangered species in delightful picture books written in verse. Panda packs her Bags, Jungle Blues and Turtle Takes a Trip are enjoyable, educational and, as part of the proceeds are donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature, useful as well. The books have been described as ‘a journey of the imagination and a helpful reminder that environmental awareness is something we can inculcate in young children’ (Singapore’s Child). See ‘Our Press’ for further book reviews!

Our latest book in this series is Turtle Takes a Trip.

Other Titles

These include the charming bedtime story for toddlers, An Elephant in the Room (‘destined to be a picture books classic’ – Bookaburra), Snake, Rattle and Roll – about a snake who realises that he doesn’t need feet to have fun (‘hilarious’ – Expat Living) and the ever popular dinosaur book, A T-Rex Ate My Homework. See ‘Our Press’ for book reviews!

As part of our environmental policy, all our picture books are printed on recycled paper.

Our Adult Books – Crime Fiction

Shamini  writes crime fiction, the first three books are Inspector Singh Investigates - A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder, Inspector Singh Investigates: A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul and Inspector Singh Investigates: The Singapore School of Villainy published by international publisher Little Brown translated and distributed across the world. The fourth title in the series published in April 2011 Inspector Singh Investigates: A Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree with more to follow. Shamini's fifth Inspector Singh novel, A Curious Indian Cadaver, was released in April 2012.

Our Adult Books – Non Fiction

How to Win a Nobel Prize – A Stay-at-Home Mum’s Guide solves all the world’s problems in 120 pages. It is a must read for mothers, politicians and anyone else who gives a damn! Please visit the website www.nobelmums.com for more information on the book.


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